1) Sign up for a domain name at www.westhost.com. You only need a domain name, so ignore all the hosting offers & options (hosting means that you want a web site there). WestHost charges $14.95 for a one-year domain registration. (It will take WestHost about 24 hours to confirm your order & e-mail your domain maintenance instructions.)

2)WestHost will send via e-mail the instructions to logging in to your domain name management area at http://register.westhost.com/admin

3) Log in to your WestHost domain account and in the DNS information area select the “default ” button for DNS settings. I new section will show that has several Host name and Address settings. The three host names should be “*” (asterisk), @ (at) and www. Click the edit button for “Host Records” section.

For each of these host names, change the Address to “ghs.google.com.” (without the quote marks). In Record Type, change to CNAME for each hostname/address listing.

4) Log out of the WestHost screen and into your blogger.com account. Click the “settings” tab, then “Publishing.” Click the “Custom Domain” link, then a screen will show asking you if you want to register a domain using blogger.com. Ignore this and click the “Switch to advanced settings.”

Enter the name of your registered domain at and click the “Save Settings” button.

5) Don’t sweat it if the new domain doesn’t link to your blog right away. It takes up to 24 hours for your domain name to resolve across the Internet to your blogger account. Most of the time it occurs in 2-3 hours.

Complete blogger.com instructions are here.